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Drafting Methods? 
10:58pm 07/01/2005
mood: anxious
This is my first post here and I must say right away, "What a great community idea!" I am a pattern drafting beginner and was searching through the LJ's to find a good pattern group but to my dismay most of all of the pattern groups look like ebay selling joints. :( Not much talk about patterns going on there. I really hope this group picks up and more people join cause a good pattern group is much needed in my opinion.

I guess I am a little bias in my opinion though. :) Because as of late I have turned into a pattern/drafting method junkie. I had no idea that drafting methods or patterns would become so addicting! I pretty much just like making/drafting corsets and have found myself helplessly addicted to finding more....

I hope there are some drafters here that might be able to share drafting ideas or give me some guidance. I am a beginner so I often run into many questions when drafting and I would also like very much to find more info on drafting techniques so ideas on books, where to look for info, and actual drafting techniques, would be soooo great. I am so fascinated by drafting methods and the affects on the final pattern. Again what a great group!

Lil Miz Cheezcake
I'm new.... 
01:05pm 26/02/2004
  Hey! My name is Liz, I've been sewing off and on for about ten years. Which, sounds like along time but I'm only 16, so... As you can imagine a bunch of the "sewing" I did for a while there was mostly through my mom's hands.

Anyways; I think this community is great idea, but I was kind of disappointed to see only five entries... I don't actually live in Skagit County/Bellingham. I live in King County/Kirkland... Oh well.

I am into some Gothic Lolita styles, alot of Victorian styles, both of these with my own 'twists' to them, but I haven't really found there to be many good patterns available... so I've started to make some of my own. Unfortunately, I don't have as much time as I would like....

I'm also really into some "Vintage" clothing (50s - 80s) with a modern version of those styles. This too, I have started making my own patterns for. I have gone to places like Value Village to find old patterns, but also going through my mom's old sewing boxes too.

Right now I'm working on a coat and a skirt, both out of a courderoy, if you've seen the movie "My Fair Lady," I think Eliza is wearing a coat similar to what I'm making when she first goes to visit Professor Higgins (I may have the time of this wrong)...

I do have a few questions though: how much pattern trading has actually happened?

Usually when I design my own patterns, I plan out what I want my ... object to look like, and then I go to JoAnn's and look for the closest pattern so that I have something to go off of, I find it makes it easier. I have actually completely made my own patterns before, but to me anyways my way is easier usually. Does anyone else do this?
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11:00pm 08/06/2003
  Hi, my name is Georgia. I've been sewing off and on since I was a wee little girl (5 or 6). Usually I don't bother to use patterns but that's a habit I need to break. My style is pretty broad, my wardrobe consists mostly of classic punk, electropop, mod/indie, and classic 50's.
Right now I'd kill for a pattern of a woman's cowboy shirt and if anyone has one for a funky skirt of any sort I'd love to check it out. Sizes dont matter, I can adjust accordingly.

Sidenote: I know this community is about pattern trading, but since it all has to do with sewing, can this extend to fabric trading also?
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09:12am 30/05/2003
  First things first. Tell a little about yourself. What fashions your into, how long you've been sewing, whats you favorite era, and what patterns ideally, you would love to find.  
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11:15am 29/05/2003
  Welcome! this is the first entry in the all new PATTERN EMPIRE. Most of what I have to say is in the info page. I will begin to post some patterns myself.

Your moderator,
Annah Sophia Summers