Fizzie Lizzie (slate_ferret) wrote in patternempire,
Fizzie Lizzie

I'm new....

Hey! My name is Liz, I've been sewing off and on for about ten years. Which, sounds like along time but I'm only 16, so... As you can imagine a bunch of the "sewing" I did for a while there was mostly through my mom's hands.

Anyways; I think this community is great idea, but I was kind of disappointed to see only five entries... I don't actually live in Skagit County/Bellingham. I live in King County/Kirkland... Oh well.

I am into some Gothic Lolita styles, alot of Victorian styles, both of these with my own 'twists' to them, but I haven't really found there to be many good patterns available... so I've started to make some of my own. Unfortunately, I don't have as much time as I would like....

I'm also really into some "Vintage" clothing (50s - 80s) with a modern version of those styles. This too, I have started making my own patterns for. I have gone to places like Value Village to find old patterns, but also going through my mom's old sewing boxes too.

Right now I'm working on a coat and a skirt, both out of a courderoy, if you've seen the movie "My Fair Lady," I think Eliza is wearing a coat similar to what I'm making when she first goes to visit Professor Higgins (I may have the time of this wrong)...

I do have a few questions though: how much pattern trading has actually happened?

Usually when I design my own patterns, I plan out what I want my ... object to look like, and then I go to JoAnn's and look for the closest pattern so that I have something to go off of, I find it makes it easier. I have actually completely made my own patterns before, but to me anyways my way is easier usually. Does anyone else do this?
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