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Patterns for the Cause
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The Empire of patterns.

I have crafted this community because I have a passion for making unique clothing. It is Bellingham based, meaning I am encouraging those who live in the Whatcom and/or Skagit County to join, but I welcome anyone who lives in other places. Here are some general guidelines for the community.


This community is for the trading and showing off of patterns. Here are the steps involved to be able to trade with the members of this community.

1. Join! :)
2. Post some of your patterns using digital cameras, webcams, or scanned pictures to advertise the type of patterns you are willing to copy. Perhaps tell a little bit about the pattern and where you found it. List the types of patterns you’d be willing to trade it for.
3. Wait for people to reply with patterns of their own that they’d be willing to trade , OR wait until another member posts a pattern that you want to trade for.
4. Via email, livejournal comments, or other means negotiate the means in which both of you shall receive the copies of the patterns. I would suggest mail unless you two live in the same city.
5. Copy down your pattern on Newspaper, tracing paper or other usable paper products, and then send them to the person while they do the same.
6. If the other person lives in Bellingham, you may have the chance to simply borrow the patterns in person. You, however, must arrange this.

note, you do not have to trade with anyone if you do not see any other patterns that you want or need. Please be polite with you decline a request however. .

Other ways to use this community
1. Post about outfits made with patterns traded. Even better post a picture along with the original pattern picture so we can compare your handy work.

2.Ask questions about patterns, or answer questions about patterns.

3. Post about any useful or interesting facts about certain patterns.

4. If you want to create your own patterns to trade feel free to, however warn the person you are trading with that its homemade.

Since this is a new community I've only put guidelines in the process of trading patterns instead of rules. This is simply because I am seeing which methods work. Once a person begins trading with another person its a bit out of my hands. In a few months I will do a survey to figure out the most efficient system.

I am the moderator of this community, but not a pattern cop. I can't monitor every transaction that occurs between two livejournalners. However if I get a report that a person skimped out on a pattern, or that they were being dishonest in their transactions, then they will get ONE POSTED WARNING. After that they are booted out of the community and banned from all posting.